Tough Topics Papers

  • Can a Person Be Gay and Christian?

    When someone you love says, “I’m gay,” you grieve because they’re identifying with a sin. But when someone you love says, “I’m gay and Christian,” they’re not just identifying with a sin, they’re redefining it, too. How do we answer when people say, “I’m Christian and gay, OK?”

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  • Can Gays Really Change?

    In the days of the Early Church, there were Christians who were once involved in homosexual practice but experienced transformation through Christ. The same is true today.

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  • The "Conversion Therapy" Controversy

    “Conversion Therapy” is a term which gets thrown around pretty freely these days. But more often than not, the term is applied without being defined. To discuss conversion therapy, we need to first know what it is, then decide how to assess it in light of Scripture and ministry practices.

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  • What the Same-Sex Marriage Argument Is Really About

    Some people say that the legalization of gay marriage is a sign of progress. We say it’s a reason for concern because of the doctrinal and social issues it raises.

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  • Tough Topics Papers

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