Joe Dallas

Board Member

Joe is an author, conference speaker, and ordained pastoral counselor. He’s the Program Director of Genesis Counseling in Tustin, California, and has authored nine books on human sexuality from a biblical perspective.

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Renee Dallas

Board Member | Board Secretary

Renee Dallas has been involved in ministry to wives and women since 1992. She works with her husband at Genesis Biblical Counseling, where she has led support groups for wives and consulted with women in crises.

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René Martin

Board Member | Board Treasurer

René Martin is the co-founder and director of Hearts of Hope in Yuba City, California. The mission of Hearts of Hope is to inform and equip the Church with a compassionate Biblical response to LGBTQ issues; provide support for families with LGBTQ loved ones; and connect strugglers with mentors and resources.

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Michael Newland

Executive Director | Board Member

Michael Newland has served as the Executive Director of ReStory Ministries since 2016. Prior to his role with ReStory, Mike served locally with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.

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Linda A. Seiler, Ph.D.

Board Member | Board Chair

For decades, Dr. Linda Seiler felt like a man trapped in a female body and was exclusively attracted to women. Today, she is content in a female body and wholly attracted to men.

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