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Two-day equipping conference for

October 4-5, 2024

Grace Assembly of God, Indianapolis, IN


Join ReStory* for a two-day conference for pastors, ministry leaders, and concerned believers where you will hear stories of people who have found freedom beyond LGBTQ and receive practical tools for ministry, answering questions such as…


  • How do we respond to teenagers who are coming out as nonbinary and transgender?
  • How do we disciple believers in our congregations wrestling with LGBTQ?
  • How do we comfort parents whose children have walked away from the truth?
  • How do we share the gospel with LGBTQ friends and loved ones?

*ReStory Ministries is endorsed by the Assemblies of God.


Linda A. Seiler, Ph.D.

For decades, Linda felt like a man trapped in a female body and was exclusively attracted to women. Today, she is content in a female body and wholly attracted to men.

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Joe Dallas

Joe Dallas is an author, conference speaker, and Biblical counselor. He’s the Founder of Cloudfire Ministries in Tustin, California, and he hosts a weekly podcast (“Christians in a Cancel Culture”) and a monthly online meeting for pastors (“The Challenge.”) He has authored nine books

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Brett & Holly Martin

Breakout Speakers

Brett Martin’s life was dramatically changed by the power of God’s love on a university campus. For 29 years, Brett has served as a Chi Alpha missionary.

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Stay tuned for breakout speakers . . .



  • Testimonies of Transformation

  • What Change Looks Like

  • Parents: How to Talk to Your Children About Sexuality

  • Why Teens Are Adopting Nonbinary & Transgender Identities

  • Communicating With Your LGBTQ-Identified Loved One

  • Biblical Theology of Sexuality

  • Differing Christian Responses to LGBTQ

  • When a Spouse Experiences Same-Sex Attractions

  • Healthy Male Relating

  • Healthy Female Relating

  • Assisting Churches to Become Healing Communities

  • Small Group Support Systems

  • And more!





General Council sale: $109

(ends Aug. 5, 2023)


In-person only (no live stream)




Spanish translation available! (via smartphone app)

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“ReStory is our go-to for equipping leaders to respond to LGBTQ.”

– Rick DuBose, AG Assistant General Superintendent

ReStoried24 Conference_TESTING

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