ReStoried 2022 Breakouts

Transgender Trends

Linda A. Seiler, PhD

Dr. Seiler will address how transgender desires develop, including traditional gender dysphoria and rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGD)—the current social contagion trending among teen girls. She will also offer practical advice on how to respond when a loved one identifies as transgender.

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Answering Pro-Gay Theology

Joe Dallas

Joe will be explaining how pro-gay theologians interpret the biblical references to same-sex attractions and how we can refute these errors point by point. He will also explain how he personally came to embrace pro-gay theology and what led him to eventually reject it.

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Becoming a Community of Healing

Renee Dallas

As cultural pressure builds and more Christians are dealing with LGBTQ friends and loved ones, Renee will be sharing a few models for church ministry and give practical steps that you can take to equip both your leaders and congregants to cultivate a culture of redemption and healing.

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Ministering to Males with Same-Sex Attractions

Brett Martin

Brett will be sharing about his journey of how God used community, confession, and intimacy with Him to give hope in breaking off the shame, self-hatred, and fear that consumed his life because of a secret struggle with same-sex attractions.

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When Someone You Love Is LGBTQ

Keith and René Martin

As parents of an LGBTQ-identified child and leaders of a parent support group, Keith and René will be sharing helpful information along with principles that can be applied when someone you love is LGBTQ.

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Ministering to Females with Same-Sex

Maria A. Nistri

Maria will be sharing her personal story of overcoming same-sex attractions, including contributing factors to sexual brokenness and undeniable transformational truths that anchored her in hope and unspeakable joy for God’s glory. She will also explain how to apply those truths as we walk alongside those seeking transformation.

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A Clinical Approach to Same-Sex Attractions

Andrew Rodriguez

Andrew will be sharing how compassionate and competent counseling can be an aid to sexuality strugglers to align their whole selves with the truth of God’s design.

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ReStoried 2022 Breakouts

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