How Do You Determine Gender?

By Linda Seiler

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This week was full of controversy about the government’s role in determining policy related to transgender people. What has surfaced is how illogical it is to believe gender is a mental construct that can differ from one’s biological sex.

In a recent interview with a pro-gay activist, Tucker Carlson exposes faulty logic by asking what exactly determines gender. The LGBT activist cannot offer answers to Carlson’s pointed questions such as:

  • What constitutes male and female?
  • Is gender biological, or is it only a matter of one’s perception?
  • How might transgender rights affect gender-specific sports, prison systems, etc.? (For example, is it fair for a male who thinks he’s a female to play on a female sports team? Should a male prisoner who says he’s a female be placed in a female prison?)

As mentioned in previous posts, the lack of logic indicates the presence of a demonic stronghold attempting to take root. The end result is that our culture is shifting to normalize transgender identities in the same way we recognize ethnic populations, enforcing laws to prevent discrimination against such populations. However, while ethnicity is hard-wired into your DNA, gender identity is not. Gender dysphoria is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when someone’s mental concept of their gender does not match the biological sex that is hard-wired into their DNA. God’s normative design is for your gender identity to match your biological sex; if the two are incongruent, that’s an indicator of psychological distress that can usually be traced back to wounds in the soul.

I, of all people, understand what it’s like to feel trapped inside the body of the “wrong” gender, and I understand why transgender people want to use the restroom that matches the gender identity in their head. I used to sneak into men’s restrooms for that very reason. But I also know what it’s like to experience resolve to the mental and emotional anguish that fuels the lie that you were born in the wrong body. Today, I’m content in my own body with absolutely no desire to visit men’s restrooms like I used to. The answer was not to encourage me to use the men’s restroom but rather to address the wounds in my soul that would compel me to reject my god-given gender.

Requiring the general population to adjust to the needs of those who experience gender dysphoria is akin to suggesting we ought to remove mirrors from department stores because those who suffer from anorexia might look into those mirrors and see themselves as fat. The answer is not to remove the mirrors but rather to address the mental and emotional anguish that contributes to the anorexic’s dysphoria.

It’s time to lovingly point out the lack of logic behind the normalization of transgender identities. It will mean going against the grain of popular culture and being hated by some, but addressing the root issues that contribute to gender dysphoria is the actually most compassionate thing we can do.

Linda Seiler

For decades, Dr. Linda Seiler felt like a man trapped in a female body and was exclusively attracted to women. Today, she is content in a female body and wholly attracted to men. Dr. Seiler offers a unique, compassionate perspective as one who has struggled with her own gender identity and sexuality. Linda is an avid golfer, chocolate lover, and has two cats named Bo and Tabby. Learn more about Dr. Seiler's story and her ministry at:


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How Do You Determine Gender?

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