ReStory Ministries’ Statement on AB-2943

​​ReStory Ministries is not a political organization; we focus primarily on equipping Assemblies of God​ churches ​to address homosexuality and gender identity. However, ​we​ ​believe it is important to inform you of proposed legislation that could significantly inhibit churches from providing help to those seeking freedom from unwanted same-sex attraction and/or gender dysphoria.


As a ministry endorsed by the Assemblies of God to help those impacted by homosexuality and gender dysphoria, ReStory Ministries stands opposed to CA Assembly Bill 2943, which would prohibit all counselors in the State of California, whether licensed or pastoral, from charging for services related to assisting people who are in conflict over their homosexual or transgender orientation. This bill also prohibits the sale of any goods or services designed to help people change their homosexual or transgender behavior, or to seek a change in their homosexual attractions.


We oppose this bill because it stands in opposition to what Scripture has revealed as not only a possibility but as a divinely intended purpose, for those seeking to live their lives within the parameters of Biblical guidelines. We have deep concerns about the impact such a law would have on freedom of speech and religion, both in California and in other states who are likely to pass similar laws should this one pass. Our concerns extend also to the families of homosexual and transgender people, who wish for their loved ones to have all options available to them, and to homosexual and transgender people themselves who may reach a point of wanting to explore what options they may have.


Additionally, we have deep concerns about the precedent such a law sets, in allowing the government, whether state or federal, to dictate to people of faith whether or not they may choose to follow their deeply held beliefs about the definition of family and marriage. The Christian church itself lies in danger of being censored and penalized in the future if the precedent such a law sets should be realized.


Finally, we feel our own work and mission will be severely and unfairly hampered in the wake of such legislation, and as our work is vital to us, our concerns over this run very deep.


For all these reasons we object to AB-2943 in its entirety, and stand in hope and prayer that the government of the State of California will respect our nation’s constitutionally based reverence for freedom of trade, speech, and religion.


Board of Directors, ReStory Ministries

Joseph Dallas | Renata Dallas | Virginia Haan | Michael Newland | Jack Sampier | Linda Seiler


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ReStory Ministries’ Statement on AB-2943

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