Monthly Webinar: Ministering to Those Affected by HIV/AIDS

Apr 10 7:00 pm

April 10, 2018

4-5 PM PDT – 5-6 PM MDT – 6-7 PM CDT – 7-8 PM EDT

How do we give a message of hope to a person who is living with HIV/AIDS?  What are the ramifications of Christians living with HIV/AIDS and our policies at church? And how do we educate our Christian communities in outreach and support for families?

Drawing from his own story and work in ministering to those affected by HIV/AIDS, Pastor Ron Magno will bring fresh insights towards understanding the condition of living with HIV/AIDS and will share practical steps leaders can take to provide a loving, Christian witness.

This webinar is for Assemblies of God leaders and members only.

Registration for the LIVE webinar will close at 1pm PST/4pm EST on Apr 10.

Registration for the Webinar Recording will close at 1pm PST/4pm EST on Apr 16.

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