Monthly Webinar: Discipling Into Purity – Ministry Approaches to Sexual Temptations

Jun 05 7:00 pm

June 5, 2018

4-5 PM PDT – 5-6 PM MDT – 6-7 PM CDT – 7-8 PM EDT

Since sexual temptation is a common part of modern life, ReStory board member and Executive Director Michael Newland will help us better understand how to strengthen the resolve and integrity of Christian men who wrestle with desires to use porn, engage in sexually immoral behaviors, or commit adultery.

Offering biblical theory and practice, Michael will provide ideas and strategies anyone can put into place.

This webinar is for Assemblies of God leaders and members only.

Registration for the LIVE webinar will close at 1pm PST/4pm EST on June 5.

Registration for the Webinar Recording will close at 1pm PST/4pm EST on June 11.

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